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Recent Press Coverage

Adobe Shares ProProfs' Success in Designing Delightful Products at Scale

October 20, 2021

Learn how Adobe partnered in ProProfs' UX success and helped us shape our product designs & ensure a delightful user experience.

ProProfs Chat Gets a Rave Review from TechRadar

February 13, 2021

What stands out about ProProfs Live Chat is that it makes it easy to get started even if you’ve never used a live chat software before - TechRadar.

Undiscovered Tools You Need to Crush Your Startup Goals

January 18, 2021

Inc42 did an extensive survey of almost 75 founders across the globe to uncover these tools. Seven of ProProfs solutions are featured.

ProProfs Acquires Survey Software Provider Qualaroo

March 17, 2020

Survey software provider Qualaroo was acquired by California-based cloud professional training company ProProfs at the end of February 2020.

Software that solves advanced problems and is easy to use

October 10, 2019

An interview with Sameer Bhatia, Founder & CEO of ProProfs, and Mitch Russo.

Online training software provider ProProfs announced seven new compliance courses

July 28, 2019

ProProfs includes courses on OSHA compliance, FMLA administration and HIPAA Compliance.

ProProfs’ Training Maker grabs spot as a useful tool for employee on board training

January 9, 2019

ProProfs’ Training Maker has grabbed the spot of a useful tool for employee onboard training in a piece by The StartUp Magazine.

ProProfs Can Save Finserv Companies up to 70% on Training Costs with a Digitized Platform that Analyzes and Stores Data

March 7, 2018

ProProfs Can Save Finserv Companies up to 70% on Training Costs with a Digitized Platform that Analyzes and Stores Data.

Hosting Advice acknowledges the impact ProProfs has made in the SaaS eco-system

March 7, 2018

Hosting Advice acknowledges the impact ProProfs has made in the SaaS eco-system.

ProProfs Knowledge Base Finds a Prominent Place Among the Top 10 Cloud Software Programs

March 23, 2016

ProProfs Knowledge Base catches Ventureburn's attention. Finds a proud mention among the 10 must-have knowledge base software programs.

ProProfs Customer Support Software Award

May 1, 2016

ProProfs Knowledgebase won the Supreme Software Award for 2016 and the 2016 Experts' Choice Award, granted by

Silicon India

November 27, 2015

ProProfs Ranks in 100 Most Promising Tech Companies Founded & Managed by Indians in USA by Silicon India.

Provider HelpIQ

June 15, 2015

ProProfs acquires HelpIQ to help businesses create highly-searchable online FAQs and instantly resolve customer Issue.


May 29, 2014

ProProfs Quiz Maker ranked as top learning tool on the planet by Listly.


January 21, 2014

Access unlimited file storage, private user accounts, groups, online classrooms and instructor accounts with the new Enterprise Quiz Maker.

Google interviews

August 14, 2013

ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia shares insights on how ProProfs achieves high user engagement and satisfaction.


May 8, 2013

ProProfs Training Maker gets a rave review from Get App – "the #1 independent Cloud Apps Marketplace that helps businesses to discover, compare, review and purchase the best B2B apps".

The Next Web

April 26, 2013

The Next Web breaks the news of ProProfs crossing one million registered users, who are building and sharing knowledge through ProProfs.


March 8, 2013

ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia shares the story behind ProProfs and how it went from a low-cost quiz making tool to a multinational startup providing comprehensive online tools.


February 12, 2013

ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia shares some rare insights and tips on how businesses and trainers can maximize the benefits of an online training program.

Investor's Business Daily

December 14, 2012

ProProfs CEO Sameer Bhatia shares his thoughts on how training is a big part of career development and how companies can constantly train employees with new online testing and training tools.


December 11, 2012

ProProfs launches online survey software - an easy to use, flexible and powerful tool, supporting a range of comprehensive features.

E-Learning Queen

September 28, 2012

The "E-Learning Queen", rated among top 25 e-learning blogs, features a case study of how UWINPro is using ProProfs to create e-courses on topics such as SAP, UNIX, ERP and more for their clients.

Herald Dispatch

September 01, 2012

Herald dispatch newspaper interviews John Mitchell, chairman of the science department at Lincoln High School, Harrison Country, on using ProProfs testing software in his class to create hundreds of tests and quizzes for advanced biology, conceptual science and human anatomy.

Technology Research Giant Gigaom Covers ProProfs Poll Features & How It Works

July 10, 2009

ProProfs Poll (Survey Maker) is the talk of the town. Gigaom covers ProProfs Poll features in length and explains how it helps businesses boost online conversions.