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At ProProfs, we believe that software should make you happy. We are driven to create delightfully smart software with awesome support so that you can work better, get smarter employees, and create happier customers.

Delightful Tools

Delightful Tools

We feel that software should not be clunky and hard to use. It should be a joy to use! We are highly technical, and our talented developers thrive on technical challenges. But we never forget that software is more than science - it’s also art. We carefully design each screen, write each sentence, and craft our software so that when you use it, it’s a simple, delightful experience.

Awesome Support

All of our software is backed by awesome support. When we wanted to offer a knowledge base that answered questions proactively and we couldn’t find a truly great product on the market, we built it. When we couldn't find a great chat solution, we built that, too. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support, we go the distance.

Awesome Support
Sameer Bhatia
I hate customer satisfaction. Satisfaction sets a low bar. People should be DELIGHTED when they use ProProfs.
- Sameer Bhatia, Founder & CEO,

Global Team

We are an international company with offices in Santa Monica, California, and Delhi-NCR, India, giving us a globally diverse team that is both innovative and service-oriented. Our diversity gives us a unique perspective on every problem and the ability to be available to you in every time zone. With these tremendous assets, we have built a company that serves millions of users each month with delightful products backed by our awesome support team.

ProProfs Santa Monica
ProProfs New Delhi
Productively Engaged
Delivering Delight
Sports Team

Trusted By Millions

ProProfs hosts more than 1,000,000 pages of content in 70+ languages and is a leading platform for online training and assessment with the world's largest library of professional tests & quizzes. ProProfs products, including Quiz, Survey, Learning Management System, Knowledge Base, Live Chat Software, Project Management, and Training tools, are used by many Fortune 500 companies such as Sony and Dell, along with users from leading educational institutes like Yale. ProProfs empowers users to work better, get smarter employees, and create happier customers.

100-Year Mission

100 Year Mission

For us, business is personal. We are privately-owned and don’t have to worry about meeting short-term investors’ demands. ProProfs is customer-funded instead of venture-funded. This gives us the right environment to operate in a way that is completely customer-driven and we can build delightful products with simple, honest pricing. We are building a 100-year company and invest in products and employees with a long-term vision. Long-term growth means we can invest in extraordinary experiences for our customers and build extraordinary careers for our employees.

If it’s right, we will do it, irrespective of the bottom line. That’s the way we like it.

Our Principles


Our software can be used by anyone, with no special training required. It works beautifully across all devices.


Our tools are packed full of powerful features. We work closely with our customers to constantly innovate.


We are driven to create software that makes you happy and delivers a delightful experience with awesome support.

Our Delighted Customers

  • Robust, easy to use and has the best support
    BigContacts seems to be the best way to extract data, contact information has all the addresses, tasks, and notes in one place, making it easier for everyone to keep track of what is going on with each company.
    Melanie P
    Melanie P,

    Sales Manager

  • All the important functionality without the expense
    BigContacts is simple to use and has all the important functionality we need without a lot of unnecessary functions that make other applications more complicated and expensive.
    John G
    John G,

    Sales Director, Leisure, Travel & Tourism

  • Less cluttered and complicated than
    I have always felt is too complex and has information not required cluttering the interface. BigContacts is clean and easy to use making staff more effective.
    David H
    David H,

    President, Consumer Goods

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